"You think it’s funny?

You think the way I feel is amusing?

If you knew what went on inside you wouldn’t…

I feel anger.

What’s anger?

Anger’s the feeling that fuels by hate.

It’s the sensation I get when provoked.

These tears represent anger, not sadness.

If you touch me I will react.

You may not like it.

That’s your problem.

I feel the way I feel because of you.

Or maybe them

The ones above me, higher than me.

They tease me,

They think they know.

But what do they know, really?

They know cruletiy and hatred and pain.

But now I know it more…

And I will use it to my advantage.

I will make you feel what I feel.

I will make you know what I know.

I will make you see what I see.

I will make you hurt as I have hurt.

When I’m done

You won’t be the same.

You will be a different person.

When I leave,

Anger will not be the only thing that has burned you…."

-Axel Pride

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