When I saw you, I knew I was in love,

I thought we would be together, forever and ever,

But then, you left my arms, you died.

You left me heart-broken.

And now I hope you understand,

My feelings grew as I got to know you,

But nothing really lasts forever,

It's a long way to climb the tree of truth,

Yet I made it and was ashamed.

My words and thoughts made me cry,

And reach out to the sky.

As my tears flow down my face,

I know I feel too sad for words to explain.

You were the only one, my only love,

But you faded away.

Come back to me, I need you here.

If only I could hear you say "I love you" once more.

If only you could listen to me say it every night,

Hoping for your return into my life.

Once again, I feel sadness, sorrow, anger, and pain.

Please, come back to life.

I wasn't strong enough to stand seeing you die,

I cry my tears, one by one, as I think of you.

My love is growing, still, but you can't hear.

You mean the world to me, and I love you.

It's only natural for a girl like me to fall in love with a boy like you.

Every night I think of the memories with you,

And think maybe they will bring you back.

I just wish on this star,

Please come back to me, my one true love.

My tears just go on and on.

Please, I want to see you again.

And I hope my memories are enough to keep you in my heart.

I miss you.

It's too sad to not know.

Please, come back.

But no matter if you are dead or not,

You'll always remain in my heart alive and with me.

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