Ah! Sunshine

By Emily Carter - 8/17/14

Ah! Sunshine, glorious Sunshine

Warming the Earth on a cold day of Winter,

Giving hope to humans for a better day.

Oh! Sunshine, warm-to-the-core Sunshine

Ah! Sunshine, oh Sunshine

Give thou Thee rays of pure gold,

To light mine darkest days.

Oh! Sunshine, wonderful Sunshine

Ah! Sunshine, pure Sunshine

Thy glory to all on Earth is unimaginable,

Give me a Ray of Light to guard me

Day and night.

Ah! Sunshine, perfect Sunshine

You shine Your light on Earth to give Your

People faith and hope of taking them home.

Oh! Sunshine, dearest Sunshine

Ah! Sunshine, powerful Sunshine

Lend me a ray of pure love to aid me;

Give me Your power to overcome Darkness.

Oh! Sunshine, loving and kind Sunshine

Ah! Sunshine, hopeful Sunshine

You guide my, step, my thought, my mind, and my heart

Take me up into Your arms and fly me home with You.

Oh! Sunshine, my Sunshine!

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