by Christopher J. Bradley
11/3/01 9:29:04 PM

I felt my bones cringle crackle
at the moment of impact
The green sport utility
hitting my rear trunk.

My car slid forward a little
on the pavement as I pressed the brake pedal harder.
And I watched the car come up quick from the left.
I instinctively put the car in park.

I was gripped by the stupidness of it all
as I groped for my cell phone
to dial 911
which ultimately would not answer.

I learned when I got home from the emergency room
that there had been an anthrax scare at the bridge.
What kind of nightmare had I been in the center of
In that room that night.

I was amazed at how they all kept their calm
while trying to fit me with a cervical brace.
Fortunately as I type now I am not in one
But my back is in pain

Moreso than ever...

And I pray that there will be relief.

I've been going for some walks lately
as prescribed
and I've enjoyed being around my family
It seems at times we barely live
but we will make it
if I have anything to say about it.

And someday I will get that scratch fixed
where someone keyed my car
even though that
cannot be remedied immediately.

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