A Promise of New Life in Spring
By Christopher J. Bradley

I do not always understand the things that happen together
Events jumble up one after another and it is difficult to conclude that they have meaning.

This Spring I have heard that three people have died.
A man my age the great aunt of a friend and the grandmother of a friend's child.

I remember two of them from having met them
It seems they were good people and I expect they will find happiness in the next life.

Brian helped me to accomplish a great feat once
Carting 20 gallons of juice up a hill to a manor in Canada
Only so that we could bring them down again without pay.
He will go on in my memory as a great helper and a good friend

Though I did not know him well I look forward to meeting him again.

For Aunts and Grandmothers
There is truth that you have lived well and shared your lives with others
May each of you live on with them
In this life and the next.

For those who do not understand the promise of new life
I pray that they find it before the next Spring time that draws us apart and together.

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