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A Life I Still Live

Sleeping soundly in a freezing room,

Wishing to be anywhere else but here.

Nightmares are never letting me rest.

The warm summer days tried their best to make me smile,

The bright, vibrant colors are all around.

The rainy days, always kept me down

The quiet starlit nights, were when I felt alone.

I spent them crying to myself,

Letting all of my searing pain go.

Then in the morning, I am reborn.

All day, I sat and wondered, how far will I go?

I talked to myself, because I was the only one that would hear.

Here I am, somewhere different from then.

I still look back and think, where did I go wrong?

I can't be what I started from, I'll only keep evolving.

For better, or worse, I will move on.

The one's I have lost along the way, would you want me to be strong.

Even when desperation was a part of me, I didn't give in.

When I was sad, I would only smile and say nothing.

Still though, I can't help revisit better times, I'm not living a lie, but a fleeting memory.

--Lone Wolf1990 04:51, November 24, 2009 (UTC)

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